Isle of Skye & Whisky Tours from Aviemore, Carrbridge, Kingussie & Newtonmore

If you are keen to take our Isle of Skye Tour, Whisky Tour or Whisky & Castle Tour and are based in Aviemore, Carrbridge, Kingussie or Newtonmore then this works perfectly! With our departures from Inverness timed to fit in with the morning trains, and our arrival back in Inverness timed to fit in with the last train’s departure, the magnificent experience will definitely be worth the long day!

Which trains should I take?

The recommended train times from, and back to, Aviemore, Carrbridge, Kingussie and Newtonmore are stated below.  Please check the Scotrail website to ensure that the departure times are current, as WOW Scotland cannot be held liable for timetable changes (the times below are valid to May 2020). You will arrive into Inverness train station, which is a five minute walk to Inverness Bus Station.

Outward journey

There are two trains in the morning.  For the Whisky Tour/Whisky & Castle Tour (or if you are staying in Newtonmore) you would require to take the earlier one, as this tour departs at 0830.

Depart Newtonmore 0620
Depart Kingussie  0649
Depart Aviemore 0703
Depart Carrbridge 0723
Arrive Inverness 0753

For the Isle of Skye Tour you could take this later one, as the tour does not depart until 0900. However, please note that this train does not pick up in Newtonmore.

Depart Kingussie  0720
Depart Aviemore 0745
Depart Carrbridge 0758
Arrive Inverness 0842

Return journey

Depart Inverness 2017
Arrive Carrbridge 2101
Arrive Aviemore 2110
Arrive Kingussie 2122
Arrive Newtonmore 2126

How do I book train tickets?

Train tickets can easily be booked online on . We would strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance, rather than on the day, as it is usually much cheaper. However, it is only possible to book tickets a maximum of 12 weeks in advance.

Does the tour price include my train ticket?

No, the tour price only includes the guiding and transportation on your choice of tour. You must purchase your train tickets separately.

What if the train arrives late into Inverness in the morning?

92% of all Scotrail trains in the Highlands arrive on time. If your train is late for any reason we will endeavour to help you as much as we can. However, the latest the coach will depart is the scheduled departure time.

What if the tour arrives late back into Inverness in the evening?

If the tour arrives back after 2010 (this is very unlikely, as the Whisky Tour/Whisky & Castle Tour is scheduled to arrive back at 1845 and the Isle of Skye Tour at 2000) and you miss your train, you will need to get a taxi back at your own expense (there are no buses in the evening).

What if I am running late and miss the train to/from Inverness

Although we will do our best to accommodate the train or tour being late, we will not be able to assist if you are late due to your own mistakes. Please make sure that you get to the train station in plenty time for your departures, to avoid any issues.

Is there anything else I need to do?

If you wish to take one of our tours and plan to travel to/from Inverness on the train please advise us upon booking, in order that we can monitor the train arrival time and ensure that the tour does not over-run in the evening. If you do not tell us that you are taking the train then we will not be held responsible for our tour arriving back later than planned.