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Our Inverness Outlander walking tour will give you a fascinating insight into what life was really like when Claire first visited Inverness in 1946, how it had changed by 1968 and what she would have experienced when she was transported back to the 1740s.

The tour will take you back to the 1746 Battle of Culloden, giving you an insight into people’s everyday lives, crime, punishment and trade; all wrapped up in a plaid of clan history, local myths and legends. This fascinating tour will immerse you into eighteenth century Inverness and how it has changed over the centuries to the bustling city of today. Our Outlander tour is led by a passionate local tour guide, who will captivate you by weaving the fictional tales of Outlander alongside the historical reality of life in Inverness.

Key Information for the Outlander Tour:

6pm – 8pm

Departure Point: Inverness Castle (next to the statue of Flora MacDonald)

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Highlights of the Outlander tour include:

Fraser Lands and Castle Leoch

The tour starts of by giving an overview of both Inverness and the local area. Your guide will point out where the Fraser and Mackenzie lands lie and also show you what Inverness looked like back in 1743. You will see where the real Craig Na Dun is, as well as Tomnahurich (a place where failed time travellers bodies are found).

Flora MacDonald

Flora was a remarkable woman and a heroine to many. Your guide will regale you with some great stories about her, including how she famously helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape after the Battle of Culloden. It is perhaps no coincidence that in an era of so few strong female role models, Diana Gabaldon has created another in the form of Claire Randall!

Witches and Ladies of the night

From strong role models we will then explore the harsh reality that affected the daily lives of many women in the 18th Century. When Claire is discovered by Murtagh and his band of men, their first thought is that Claire is a prostitute. Given the times, this was not a bad guess. Later she is threatened with burning as a witch.  In Scotland this was still a common occurrence, even into the early 18th century. Your guide will show you the spot where two of the last witches in Scotland were burned and also recount the story of the area’s most famous witch hunter.).

Slavery & Drugs

The houses along the River Ness are without doubt some of the finest in the city. However, this finery holds a dark secret. The money to pay for these came from both the slave trade and from the drugs trade too! Your guide will tell about this darker side of this history, and how it ties into Outlander.

Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness monster has been seen by many a traveller in the Highlands, including Claire. Your guide will recount the story of the Loch Ness monster and point out a few key places in the history of this legendary creature, including the newspaper office which coined the term ‘Loch Ness Monster’ and the chemist which processed the first ‘Nessie’ pictures.


The tour passes by a number of churches which are relevant to Outlander. The ornate Catholic church is the smallest, yet prettiest in town, and would have had close associations with the Catholic Frasers. Closeby is the West Church, which was Reverend Wakefield’s church in the books. You’ll also see the spot where Roger and Brianna had their first kiss! You will explore the grounds of the Old High Church where your guide will recount the gruesome tales of the executions that took place there after the Battle of Culloden.

Brahan Seer

The Fraser prophecy says that the new ruler of Scotland will be a descendant of Lord Lovat. Prophecies were made by Seers and the most famous of them all was the The Brahan Seer. You will find out about some of his most famous predictions, including predictions pertaining to the beautiful Greig Street Bridge that you walk over.

Gaelic Language and Culture

During the tour the guide will make reference to various gaelic names and phrases and explain the role of the gaelic language throughout the ages. You will pass by the Gaelic church and various other sites with strong Gaelic connections. Your guide will also talk about the Highland Clearances, and show you the spot were the infamous Patrick Sellar was put on trial for his brutal role in these events.

Town House

The final stop of the tower is the Town House. This ornate building has recently been extensively renovated and is a true jewel in Inverness’s crown. Your guide will tell you some stories about the more sinister history of the city’s  founding fathers and point out some hidden symbols of the Clan Fraser. You will also see the legendary Clachnacudden and find out why it plays such an important role in our city’s history.

Modern Inverness

Throughout the tour you will find out how Inverness changes from the 1740s to the 1960s (the time periods in which Outlander is based in Inverness), right up to the present day. The tour concludes by contrasting the role of women now compared to the 1740s and there is a rather surprising, yet fitting ending to the story. Let’s just say that women now hold most of the power in the North of Scotland, which is something that would have been unimaginable, even in our more recent past.

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We had a wonderful day with our lovely guide Bill Taylor. WOW is highly recommended.


We explored all things Outlander with Gordon from WOW Scotland, kitted out in his best Jamie Scottish garb. Was the best experience.


We went on the Private Outlander Tour with Bill, who was so interesting, entertaining and knowledgeable about the areas we were visiting. The history of the era of Outlander is fascinating in its own right and we learned so much! Thank you, Bill, for a wonderful day!!


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