Environmental Policy

We’re Green – it’s official!

We are members of the Green Tourism Award and have received a Silver grading. We are currently working towards Gold status so watch this space! To find out more about why we have received this award read below.


Turning Waste into Compost

On our Isle of Skye tour we’ve worked with suppliers to source compostable packaging. This then goes into our composting and turned into compost by our friends at Keenan recycling. We also use ‘The Green Sack’ biodegradable refuse bags.

Reduce Paper Usage

To travel with WOW you don’t need a printed ticket as we now have E-tickets. For 2018 we’re also done away with our printed list for tours as we check guests in electronically. We’ve also done away with our disposable menu lists and replaced these with a reusable menu.

No plastic bottles

We stock AquaPax water on all our shore excursions from Invergordon. Pure, natural, premium quality, mineral water in majority renewable plant based packaging. AQUAPAX carton package contains 70% less plastic than a comparable size (500ml) traditional plastic bottle and come wrapped in plastic free cardboard outer cases. The cartons have a proven low climate impact & the whole of the package and outer cases can be recycled into useful new products post use.

Locally sourced food

We source locally produced where ever possible on our tours to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure that we give back to the communities we are visiting.

Green Buses

Our buses are the newest on the market and comply to Euro 6 emissions. We’ve specified a vehicle that is perfect for the route we run and it uses around 20% less fuel than our previous vehicle. It also has an 8 speed eco-gear box, further reducing fuel usage.

Sustainable tourism

We like to give back to the areas we are visiting to make sure our visits our sustainable. Recent donations have included donations to help with the upkeep of public toilets in Skye and Lochalsh. We also work with local businesses wherever we visit to ensure the communities we visit benefit from our visits. One of the ways we do is through the production of a free map of Portree where we give shops and restaurants a complimentary listing.

Our aims

Carbon Positive Tours

We are currently working hard to ensure that we give back to the environment more than we take. It is our goal to be a carbon positive business by 2018.