Environmental Policy

We’re Green – it’s official!

We are members of the Green Tourism Award scheme and have received a Silver grading. We are currently working towards Gold status so watch this space!

To find out more about why we have received this award see below.

Carbon-neutral tours

By planting trees for every tour we run, in conjunction with the Highland charity Trees for Life,  we offset 100% of our carbon emissions and help to regenerate the Caledonian forest!


Leaving places better than we found them

On our Skye tour part of our drivers’ role is to pick-up litter along the way to ensure the beauty of of area is maintained. You’ll also find our guides doing this on our other tours too. During our lunch breaks the office team regularly goes on litter picks too.


Waste is turned into compost

On our flagship Isle of Skye Tour we’ve worked with our meal supplier to source “Vegware” packaging, which is turned into compost by our friends at Keenan Recycling. We also use ‘The Green Sack’ biodegradable refuse bags and our whisky sample cups are compostable.


Reduced paper usage

In 2018 we upgraded to electronic ticketing, meaning that passengers don’t need to print tickets and we don’t need to print passenger lists; at a rough guess this is saving around 8000 sheets of paper per season! We’ve also eliminated our disposable menus and have replaced these with a reusable version.


No plastic bottles

We work with our suppliers to ensure that we don’t offer plastic bottled water on any of our tours.


Locally sourced food

We source local produce wherever possible on our tours to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure that we are giving back to the communities that we are visiting.


Green coaches

Our two coaches are the newest on the market and comply to Euro 6 emissions. We’ve specified vehicles that are the perfect size for the routes we run and they use around 30% less fuel than our previous vehicles! They also have 8 speed eco-gear boxes, further reducing fuel usage.


Sustainable tourism

We aim to give back to the areas we are visiting to make sure that our visits our sustainable (recent donations have included support to help with the upkeep of public toilets in Skye and Lochalsh). We also work with local businesses to ensure that the communities we visit benefit from our tours. One of the ways we do is through the production of a free map of Portree where we give shops and restaurants a complimentary listing.


Green Office

The heating and hot water for our office comes from a ground source heat pump, which uses the earth’s warmth to help generate heat. A 8 Kwh solar system powers the office during the summer, and the rest of our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources!  We also use LED bulbs throughout the whole property. We are currently working on a getting a wind turbine installed too!


Green company cars

Our latest company car is a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (a plugin hybrid) which can do up to 30 miles on electricity.