WOW Scotland has updated their fleet with brand new luxury mini-coaches in both 2018 and 2019. Read below to find out what makes our vehicles (and tours!) so special!

The Coolest Buses Bar None!

Yes – we do have a giant Highland Cow on the side of our bus, and yes it is purple and green! Why settle for mediocrity, when you can travel with WOW?!

Smaller tours

Our vehicles have a maximum of 30 seats. We used bigger vehicles in the past, but decided that smaller was better! This means that it’s the same great 5 Star VisitScotland and TripAdvisor rated tours, but there are fewer people on each trip, meaning that we can look after our customers even better than before. Our vehicle is also perfectly sized for our narrow, windy roads, meaning that we can get into tight spaces where larger coaches wouldn’t manage.

Air suspension for a more comfortable journey

One of the few negatives of being in the Highlands is that the roads are generally not in the best condition. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that our vehicle comes with rear air suspension, which makes for a much more comfortable journey!

Panoramic windows for great views

When you are on our mini-coaches you are higher up than on smaller tour vehicles, meaning that you get better views. This, combined with the panoramic windows, means that great views are guaranteed!


One of the most common questions we hear is, ‘do you have Wifi?’. Well, we are pleased to say that the answer is yes ! Whilst this is only available at certain points (because the same solitude that makes the Highlands so appealing also makes it pretty poor in terms of mobile phone reception!) you will be able to access it a number of times throughout the day.

USB ports under every seat

Our customers told us that they wanted this so we listened and have made sure that our new coaches have USB ports under every seat. This means that you can recharge your smartphone and camera, allowing you to take even more great photos of the Highlands along the way!!

Extra-legroom available

The legroom on our coach is more generous than you would get on smaller vehicles. However, if you have longer legs you may wish to opt for our extra legroom seats, which give you the opportunity to stretch out and enjoy your tour of the Highlands in maximum comfort!

Front Row Seats

A photo of the Old Man of Storr taken on one of the front row seats

If you would like a guaranteed front row seat you can book this (for a small additional cost). We are the only company in the Highlands to offer this option, and these seats typically sell out first, so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment! The main advantage of the front row seat is that you get the best views out of the front window. However, you also get more time at each stop as you can get off the bus first. In our opinion, it’s well worth the £20 supplement!

The back row is best!

On most coaches you don’t want to sit in the back row, but at WOW things are a bit different; we’ve removed the dreaded middle seat in the back row, meaning that there are just four seats instead of five. The advantage of this that there is actually more elbow room for passengers seated here, as the seats are more generously spaced out!

Storage nets and tray tables for every seat

This may seem minor, but when you are on a full day tour it’s nice to have easy accessibility to essential items such as bottles of water; the storage nets on the back of each seat are ideal for this. The tray tables also mean you can eat in more comfort, without having to use your lap as a tray!


We’ve put our money where our mouth is and purchased two mini-coaches which, in our opinion, are the ultimate vehicles for our Highland tours. Not only that, but our policy of always having a dedicated driver and separate tour guide on our flagship Isle of Skye Tour means that a great experience is guaranteed!!

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