Having offered tours from the Port of Invergordon for the last four years, we were delighted to hear that there is going to be a new kid on the block in 2016: The Disney Magic, which is going to dock in Invergordon on 8th June and 23rd July. We would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone on this ship and, as next summer is the first time that the Disney Magic has ever cruised to the UK, we wanted to share a few helpful hints about our area with you;

Port of Invergordon

Port of Invergordon

Arrival at the Port of Invergordon

  • Your ship is docking in the small town of Invergordon, which is approximately 45 minutes’ drive from Inverness, and 55 minutes from Loch Ness
  • The port does not require a tender, so it is generally quick and easy to disembark
  • The ship’s own tours all depart from the port area, but private operators are not permitted within the port, so all private operators wait outside the white gates
  • There is a tourist information booth in the port area
  • From the port area the village of Invergordon is just a five minute walk[hr]

The village of Invergordon

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle

Transport and tour options

  • You can get a public bus to Inverness from Invergordon and it takes approximately 50 minutes – check out the timetable here
  • You can also get a train from Invergordon to Inverness and it takes approximately 55 minutes – check out the timetable here
  • If you wish to visit other places apart from Inverness, a tour or taxi is the most practical option, as public transport in the area is limited and can be time consuming
  • There are taxis available and you can pick one up in the port area – most of these taxis run tours of the area, for an hourly fee
  • There are a number of tour companies operating private and group tours from Invergordon – whilst it may occasionally be possible to book when you arrive, we would strongly recommend booking in advance, as demand far outstrips supply on days when large cruise ships dock


TripAdvisor Hall of Fame

WOW Scotland award

What to do and see in the local area

There is so much to see and do in the Highlands but, with only eight and a half hours in port, your focus must be on making the absolute most out of your time. There are a number of companies offering group tours from the port, and we would (of course!) recommend our WOW Scotland Disney Magic shore excursion as a fantastic way to see the highlights of the Highlands.

We pride ourselves in offering fun and interactive tours with our passionate, local guides, and we are confident that our customised itinerary lets you see the absolute best of the area (including a glimpse of our very own Nessie, if you are lucky!). Our customers must agree, as we are the number 1 attraction/tour in the Inverness area on TripAdvisor, and every cruise ship passenger review has a 5 stars rating so, considering we have taken over 4000 passengers from cruise ships over the last four years, we are pretty pleased with that!

To find out more about our shore excursions from the Disney Magic please click here

Whatever you choose to do in Invergordon, we hope that you have a fantastic time in the Highlands, and look forward to welcoming the Disney Magic back again in the very near future.