WOW Scotland offers rescue package for WOW Air


It’s always a shame when any company goes bust, although the failure of an airline is always particularly galling for the many countless people left stranded around the world. That’s why WOW Scotland is stepping in with a rescue package for customers’ of our Icelandic name sake by offering complimentary tours to anyone who has had their travel plans to Scotland disrupted. Read on for full details!

We’ve always felt a great affinity for WOW Air given our similar names and similar corporate colours. We have over the years been asked on quite a number of times how our parent company airline are doing (I wonder if WOW Air cabin staff were routinely asked how their Scottish tour company was getting on!).

We have to admit we were pretty surprised when we first saw a poster for WOW Air when we were in Reykjavik on our honeymoon back in 2012. For a moment we thought that they might try and sue us due to the fact that we were using a very similar name and colours. Thankfully a quick search revealed we had been in business for a full 17 months longer than they had so perhaps they had copied us?! Being a friendly bunch we decided not to go ahead with a multi-million pound lawsuit!

That however wasn’t the end of our dealings with WOW Air. In 2013 as our business was beginning to grow I made a concerted effort to buy the ‘’ domain name. I persisted over many months and eventually managed to speak to the person in Canada who owned the domain. He very nicely explained to me that he would be willing to sell the domain, but that he’d recently sold ‘’ to WOW Air for $20,000 and he’d be looking for considerably more for ‘’. Suffice to say I didn’t buy it at the time although I kept checking periodically until one day I saw the domain had lapsed and I picked it up for £7.99!!

So WOW Air, we are sorry to see you go. You had a great name and great branding. I’ve heard from people that travelled with you that you ran a great airline too. You did however pay way over the odds for your domain name!!

If you have been affected due to your flight getting changed or cancelled please get in touch and let us know. For the next month we will be offering up complimentary tours for any customers affected on a first come, first served basis.

*valid for tours between March 30th – April 18th. Maximum 2 free tickets available per tour. This offer is purely at the discretion of WOW Scotland and may be withdrawn at any time. Proof of your disrupted travel with WOW Air will be required to take advantage of this offer.