You take a WOW Scotland tour; we plant a tree

Here at WOW Scotland our real point of difference is our traditional Highland heritage; we work and live in the Scottish Highlands, and treat our guests to the sights, sounds and spectacular scenery we take our friends to see when they visit.  We realise how lucky we are to live in this part of the world and are truly invested in preserving this wonderfully unspoilt yet delicate wilderness for future generations.

How are WOW Scotland protecting the Highlands?

One of the key ways in which we are doing this is by planting trees to offset the carbon produced by our two mini-coaches.  In 2018 our vehicles used 14,000 litres of diesel, generating approximately 36 tonnes of carbon (tCo2e). In order to offset these emissions we donated money to Trees to Life, which enabled them to plant 145 trees; equivalent to around one tree per tour.  

Why Trees for Life?

Trees for Life is a multi-award winning conservation charity which has spent to the last 25 years dedicated to preserving the ancient Caledonian Forest of the Scottish Highlands.  To date they have planted 1,500,000 trees there to save this forest, which is a habitat of global importance. They also do work to reintroduce missing species, such as the red squirrel, and to encourage natural regeneration.  

Where are the WOW Scotland trees?

We have our own WOW Scotland corporate grove in Glen Affric which, in our opinion, is one of the most stunningly unique glens in the Scottish Highlands.  The grove is in an area called, “Am Meallan”, which means little hill in Gaelic. The trees planted for us mirror the natural environment and may include birch, rowan, Scots pine and aspen.

What else do you do to protect the environment?

To read more about what we do to protect the stunning environment we live and work in please take a look at our environmental statement here.

In 2018 we also donated to The Woodland Trust and in 2017 we supported four local Highland charities to enable them to keep providing vital services such as public toilets for visitors and locals alike.

What can I do?

Other companies ask their customers to donate money to charity when they book a tour but we don’t think this is fair; it is our responsibility as a company to look after our environment, and we should not rely on our customers to do this for us.  That being said, if you do wish to donate to Trees for Life please take a look at their website here.