We would like to state one thing first off: Cruise ships do not dock in Inverness (or in Loch Ness for that matter – we would certainly not want to endanger our dear friend Nessie!)

One of the most regular shore excursion queries we receive is,

“We dock in Inverness, not Invergordon – can you offer us a tour from Inverness?”

We can understand why customers believe they will be docking in Inverness; the cruise ship’s itineraries often state the destination port as “Inverness/Loch Ness”, which is pretty confusing we have to admit!  However, we would like to advise passengers cruising on Princess, Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal Carribean, Holland American, Oceania and any other large cruise ships docking in “Inverness/Loch Ness” that you will almost certainly be docking in the Port of Invergordon, which is situated on the Cromarty Firth, approximately 40 minutes drive North of Inverness. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the Cruise Timetables website too!

Invergordon is often referred to as ‘the best natural harbour in Europe’, which means that large ships can easily arrive and depart the harbour and, crucially, no tendering is required.  There are two piers at the port, with the vast majority of larger cruise ships docking at the main .  The pier is well located for the main street, and for transport links.

If you wish to visit Inverness and/or Loch Ness from the Port of Invergordon you have a few options;

  1. Tour with WOW Scotland – we travel the backroads and take you to the places we show our friends. Visit Beauly, Inverness, Loch Ness, Clava Cairns and Culloden Battlefield.
  2. Train from Invergordon to Inverness – see The Trainline
  3. Bus from Invergordon to Inverness – see Stagecoach bus timetable
  4. Taxi – various companies operate in Invergordon and Inverness

To get to Loch Ness, you would be best advised to take a tour or a taxi, as there are no direct buses from Invergordon, and the indirect bus route involves changes and takes approximately two hours each way.

So, now that you know where you are docking, and what your options are, it’s time to get planning for your trip to the Scottish Highlands.  We look forward to showing you our amazing country!