‘We live in a digital world. Yeh we do, yeh we do.’ (An alternative version of Coldplay’s, ‘Beautiful World’ and a fitting introduction to today’s blog.) Did you know that five billion people now have a mobile connection and are using their devices for up to five hours a day? (Maybe five is the magic number!?) It is no surprise then that one of the most common questions we get from customers is whether we have wifi onboard our coaches. In 2018, we are pleased to be able to say,“yes we do!” We will have wifi available onboard for most of our tours and have outlined some useful information about this service below.

The powerful pros of wifi

Living in a digital world that is always online has so many benefits. It is particularly useful when travelling and exploring overseas, as you can now plan and tweak your travel plans whenever and wherever you like, simply by reaching for your mobile phone. You can stay connected with loved ones from afar and you can share your adventures with hundreds of people at the press of a button. However, it can come at quite an expense. Tapping into your 3G when out and about can totally eat up all of your monthly data allowance. When travelling overseas, not only will you have to worry about draining your data, you will likely have added roaming charges to consider too. Have no fear, WOW wifi is here!

In 2018, we are running our Isle of Skye tour on our brand new mini-coach which features: extra legroom, front row upgrades and, you guessed it, wifi. You will now be able to stay in touch with your loved ones and make them jealous by messaging them about all the spectacular sights you see throughout the day. You won’t need to worry about burning through your battery though because we designed this bus to include USB charge ports under every seat. Just think of all the amazing photos you will be able to take!

We will also have wifi available on most of our shore excursions.

The powerful woes of wifi

Part of Scotland’s charm is its wild and remote countryside and we like to take you off-the-beaten-track on our tours to experience this magic. This means that, due to limited reception areas, we can only guarantee wifi signal at certain points throughout the day.

We believe that this limited reception is more of a pro than a woe though. It is hugely beneficial and freeing to immerse yourself fully in the world around you, especially when you are surrounded by beautiful Scottish mountains and lochs. When you come to the Scottish Highlands you can slow down and escape the mad rush of daily life. We think it is nice to disconnect a little now and then and, on our tours, you will have the perfect connectivity balance.

While we won’t be able to provide enough bandwidth for you to stream or upload live videos, you will be able to send emails and messages online. You will also be able to share your amazing photos on social media direct from the tour – be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram if you do!