Scottish Life Magazine recommends WOW Scotland!After showing Candace Leslie from Scottish Life Magazine around Inverness a couple of years back, we were delighted to see her article appear in the latest edition of the magazine.

I was requested to show her the highlights of the area immediately outside of the city centre – this was a challenge as there is so much to see, yet we only had an hour to see it!

It was a beautiful evening and I knew that I wanted to finish with a sunset at the Moray Firth so we travelled first along the River Ness, then crossed the river at the Friars Bridge for great views down to Inverness Castle. We then crossed the canal and talked about the engineering feats of the Scottish engineer Thomas Telford.

Next on the agenda was the little-visited Victorian building of Craig Dunain and some of the stories surrounding the hospital’s past, including that of one of its most famous inhabitants, ‘the Weaver of Grass’.  After this we took a drive over towards Craig Phadraig where the Pictish King Brude is said to have met Saint Columba back in 565 AD.

However, it was the end of the tour, when we drove to the end of the Caledonian Canal, that I’m sure will remain in Candace and her husband’s memories as we were treated to a glorious Highland sunset; the perfect ending to a whistle stop tour of Inverness!

To see the Scottish Life article’s mentions of WOW Scotland click on the following link to the Scottish Life Magazine – Autumn 2013