Here at WOW Scotland we love a good old fashioned love story – especially if we can play a little part in making the magic happen! Since it is Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share this story from the early days of WOW and it is a story that we remember fondly!

In May 2012, Xiaoting from China phoned us up saying she had a few days to kill and no plans of what she wanted to do.  What would we suggest that would make the best use of her time? As we were busy we could only tour with her for one day so I said, ‘we’ll take you to Applecross one day and you can explore Skye the next. It’s the perfect combination!’

When I picked up Xiaoting (prounced a bit like ‘ Shou – ting’ which greatly amused Neil the scallop fisherman!)  I’m sure she expected to have a great time, but I’m sure she didn’t expect that it would be a day that would change her life forever! Things got off to a great start when we went on a fishing trip with Neil from Stromeferry, where we got to taste some freshly caught scallops. As greek legend has it, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was carried to earth on the shell of a scallop so perhaps she worked her charm and let love blossom that day in the North West Highlands?!Sampling fresh scallops in Scotland

Next stop was the award winning Kishorn Seafood bar for some refreshments, before heading to Applecross and exploring it’s wonderful beaches and coastline. Our last stop of the day was the charming lochside village of Shieldaig, where we bought some Loch Torridon smoked salmon (delicious!). Truly a day out to remember!

At the end of the tour I dropped Xiaoting at the Ledgowan Lodge. From there she would catch a train to Kyle of Lochalsh, tour Skye, and then travel back to Edinburgh the following day via the ferry and the train (quite a journey but a scenic one that you can do with us if you book onto our Isle of Skye day tour from Inverness!).

A few days later I received the following email from Xiaoting:

‘I LOVED the hot smoked salmon! Wish I had bought more. . I definitely have to come back again’.

But it was not until 18 months later that I found out about the love that had blossomed when I received this email from her:

‘I don’t know if I have told you this but I met my husband (!!) during our trip at Ledgowan Lodge. We got married in Scotland and will be coming up to Scotland annually if we can help it 🙂 So thanks for putting me up in Ledgowan Lodge back in 2012! Your tour made me fall in love with both Scotland and the man I feel so blessed to spend the rest of my live with!’

A WOW Scotland romance

The happy couple got married in Gretna Green in the South of Scotland. Gretna Green is a famous place for couples to elope and it is one of the most popular wedding venues in the world, with over 5000 weddings held there every year. That’s not bad for a village with a population of just 2700!

So if you have been thinking of taking a solo trip to Scotland but haven’t yet taken the plunge, hopefully this will inspire you to dive right in. Our Isle of Skye tour, Whisky Bus and Highland and Speyside Explorer are all perfect for solo travellers. If your idea of ‘the one’ is someone who is a huge Outlander fan, why not check out our Outlander inspired walking tour of Inverness. You might find true love in the Highlands.

We wish the happy couple all the best and hope they will have many happy years together.