“What will the weather be like on the Isle of Skye?”, we hear you ask.  As we have 10 years of experience running tours to Skye, we have learnt a thing or two about the weather (and our guests!) and hope that you will find these five tips, on how to ensure that you are prepared for the weather on the Isle of Skye, useful.

1. Do not wear heels

Let’s be clear, we are not just talking about stilettos, we are talking about any high heeled shoe or boot.  The ground is often muddy and wet so, although your high heeled shoes/boots might be comfortable, they will not provide any ankle support, so are not suitable for the rugged terrain on Skye.

2. Ditto; ballet pumps

They will get wet. They will get muddy. You will regret it.

3. Leave your umbrella at home

When the wind is, “blowing a hoolie”, and the rain appears to be falling horizontally, the best case is that an umbrella will still be in one piece at the end of the day, but it’s more likely that it will be inside out and you will be soaked!  A good waterproof jacket, ideally with a hood, is a must.

4. Wear layers, and lots of them

The average temperature on Skye in the peak summer months of June, July and August is around 13oC (55oF) and, with a breeze being almost constant, it usually feels colder than this.  Consequently, we would highly recommend wearing a fleece and warm jacket (a hat is also a good idea).

5. Jeans are great, but not on Skye

It’s that horizontal rain again! Jeans are notoriously slow drying and that can make for an uncomfortably damp day.  We would recommend wearing trousers of a light, quick drying fabric so that, if you get wet, you will dry off.  

And finally…

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Our advice is to pack for every season in order to make sure that you are comfortable, whatever the weather. (Even us Scots deliberate on summer days over whether we should take a waterproof jacket or suncream; we usually ending up taking and using both!) 

Please rest assured that most days on Skye are beautiful – even if it’s not a sunny day, the stunning rainbows are worth the showers, and the swirling mist is eerily atmospheric!  If you fancy joining our Isle of Skye Tour, take a look at the full itinerary here.