The Highland Cow is a Scottish icon and for many who visit Scotland, it is a real highlight to catch a glimpse of these remarkable creatures. With their impressive fringe and powerful-looking horns, they are certainly unique and quite possibly one of the most stylish members of the animal kingdom. A meeting with one of these magnificent, gentle giants really is a special experience and we try our best to find Highland Cows on our Scotland day tours (where possible).

Fun facts about Highland Cows

  • Highland Cows are the oldest registered breed in the world with records dating all the way back to the 1800s.
  • Their shaggy looks are actually really beneficial for protecting them against the harsh Scottish winters. Their thick coat keeps them warm while their long eyelashes and sweeping fringe shield their eyes from harsh rain, snow and wind.
  • It is common to see pictures of ginger Highland Cows but they also come in other colours, including black.
  • The Scottish Gaelic name for a Highland Cow is ‘Bò Ghàidhealach’ and in Scots they are known as the ‘Heilan coo’.
  • Despite their intimidatingly large horns, Highland Cows have a very gentle and friendly nature so don’t be shy to say hello.

We just love seeing and especially feeding the Highland Cows on our tours! Check out this video of us getting up close and personal with our hairy Highland friends.

If you’d like to feed the Highland Cows on your WOW Scotland tours be sure to let us know! While we can’t guarantee this aMOOsing (see what we did there?) experience, we will do our best to find them on our tours and make it happen.