If it is or has been very rainy at the Fairy Pools then we will be unable to visit.  The reason for this is that we require to cross two streams, using stepping stones, to get to the pools and, after heavy rain, these stepping stones will be submerged and unusable. There is no other way to access the pools.   If it is at all risky (i.e. if the pools are accessible but heavy rain is forecast and we envisage that we may not be able to get back) then we will not visit the pools. (If it is that rainy, you definitely do not want to be there as it is absolutely miserable, and there is no shelter whatsoever).

Please remember that this site is a natural phenomenon, not a tourist attraction, and as such is subject to the weather.

We will of course do our utmost to visit the pools.  However, if we are unable to visit we will do something else instead and you will still get a full day tour.