This tour is focused on enabling you to walk to the Fairy Pools, and spend time here.  The walk from the coach park to the pools is uphill on a rough path and requires you to cross a couple of streams (there are stepping stones but these are usually wet, so you need to be sure-footed).  To get to the first pool will take a fit person around 15 – 20 minutes and the distance is 0.7 miles.  To then walk on to the last pools is a further 0.3 miles and will take around 10 minutes (this is entirely optional as you can enjoy the beauty of the pools from the first vantage point).  In total a fit person will walk the 1.5 miles there and back in around 40 minutes, and will have around 45 minutes to enjoy at the pools themselves.

There will be opportunities to do short walks at the Quiraing and in Portree but these will be shorter than at the Fairy Pools and, if you would rather stay near the coach, it is absolutely fine to do this.  There is no requirement to do any walks other than at the Fairy Pools (even at the pools, you can stay on the coach if you would prefer, but there is nothing else to do here i.e. no shops or attractions).

If the above sounds daunting for you and you don’t feel you will be able enough to walk 1.5 miles then the Isle of Skye Tour is a better option for those who are less able, and would prefer a shorter day.