If you are planning to come to the Scottish Highlands this year with your kids this year, you are in for a real treat! In this blog post I am going to outline some of the best ways to enjoy your time in the Highlands and ways in which we can help make your holiday even better.

1.Dont’ rely on Googlemaps!

Scotland is a small country although our narrow country roads often slow your average speed down to 30 mph or less. There are also so many places to stop en-route. This means that seemingly short distances can take much longer than anticipated, increasing the likelihood of kids moaning. For example, if you want to visit Loch Ness and Skye from Edinburgh, take a week to do so and stop everywhere en-route so you can enjoy your experience rather than having to constantly drive!

2.Local Knowledge is Key

Use forums such as TripAdvisor or to find out information from the locals. Also, when you are in Scotland, ask your hosts at your guest house or hotels for their opinion.

3.Do your research

Scotland is a fascinating country and a little bit of knowledge can help bring history to life. A pile of stones in the field might be an abandoned village, where 200 years ago the villagers were forced off the land; a historic building in Edinburgh may have been the inspiration for J.K Rowling while writing the Harry Potter series and a distant hill may have been the stronghold of a Pictish King. If you want help with this you could always get a self-guided itinerary or get a guided tour.

4.Keep it simple

Some of the most fun can be head by doing easy things! Stopping off at a beautiful river and throwing stones can keep kids occupied for a good hour as can playing hide and seek in a forest. These are the type of things we love including in tours!

5.Harry Potter

It doesn’t matter how old your kids are – the chances are they are going to love Harry Potter. So, if you are visiting Highlands of Scotland why not go on Harry Potter stream train as seen on the film?! Alternatively, you can go on the same line but pay considerably less by going on the regular Scotrail service. We run tours from Inverness to the Harry Potter steam train – get in touch for details!