Last October I had the pleasure of meeting Jane, a freelance writer for Coast Magazine which is a leading UK pubication. Coast magazine  brings along a large amount of coverage of the sea and coastal life and related issues and since Inverness is by the sea they sent their intrepid reporter north to researcg feature about a ‘Weekend in Inverness’.We have a great little mention in the article and are in fact the first thing she does when she get’s here – what a great introduction to Inverness!! To see the full article on Inverness check out January’s Coast Magazine. If you want to follow in Jane’s footsteps see our Inverness Walking Tour page – it’s just £8 per adult or even cheaper if you have a group! Oh – and for the history buffs amongst you – the article is historically inaccurate and mixes up Cromwell’s invasion with the 1745 Jacobite uprising – I’m not aware of Highlanders battling naked against Cromwell’s troops although it more than likely happened as well!