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Port of Invergordon

Port of Invergordon

For the past few summers we have welcomed the Celebrity Infinity to the Port of Invergordon, and our customers have had the pleasure of spending an entire day docked in the Highlands.  This year, we are instead looking forward to welcoming the Celebrity Silhouette to our shores but, with only seven hours in port (meaning six on land) many customers have queried how they can make the most of their time in the North.

To give you the background, most cruisers tell us that they want to visit Loch Ness, Inverness and a castle, which is why our eight hour classic Highland Shore Tour has proved incredibly popular during previous Celebrity visits.  However, this time around, after much deliberating, we have decided that we are going to omit all of these sights from our itinerary.

The port is in Invergordon, not Inverness

The port is not in Inverness!

Why (we hear you cry)? Well, despite the port being referred to by the cruise line as “Inverness/Loch Ness”, it is actually a 45 minute drive from Inverness, then another 20 minutes to Loch Ness, and a further 45 minutes to the most requested castle; Urquhart.  So, just to drive to these sights would take at least four hours which, when you only have six, seems like four too many!

Consequently, drawing upon our expertise and experience in the cruising market over the past four years, we have instead come up with a unique Celebrity Silhouette five hour tour which aims to;

We are leaping with excitement!

We are leaping with excitement!

1. Give you a fantastic taste of Highland history, whisky, nature and culture
2. Allow you to really experience the local sights (rather than just watch them flash by!)
3. Remain within 45 minutes of Invergordon at all times
4. Give you fantastic value for money
5. Ultimately, ensure that you make the absolute most of your time in the Highlands


Trust us (our past customers do!)

We look forward to welcoming the Celebrity Silhouette on 20th July 2015 and, if you travel with us, we are pretty confident that your six hours in the Highlands will be six of the most enjoyable hours of your cruise!! After all, sitting on a coach and ticking sights off a list pales in comparison to experiencing the “real” Highlands…”it’s about quality, not quantity”, your tour guide Gordon says!

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