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  1. Will we be stopping for coffee/snacks?

    There are a couple of places where you can pick up a coffee or a bottle of water, but doing so means that you will…

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  2. Where will we get lunch & dinner?

    It is likely that we will be able to offer a lunch pre-ordering service on this tour but menu choices for 2020 are still to…

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  3. Can wheelchair/walking frame users come on the tour?

    Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any wheelchair or walking frame users, or anyone with limited mobility, on this tour. The main reason for this…

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  4. What if the weather is bad?

    If it is or has been very rainy at the Fairy Pools then we will be unable to visit.  The reason for this is that…

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  5. Can I swim in the pools?

    First and foremost; we would not encourage you to swim in the pools.  However, if you are considering it please bear the following in mind;…

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  6. How much walking is involved?

    This tour is focused on enabling you to walk to the Fairy Pools, and spend time here.  The walk from the coach park to the…

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  7. What should I wear on this tour?

    On this tour you spend approximately 1 1/2 hours at the Fairy Pools;  the location is windy and exposed, with absolutely no shelter from the…

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  8. Can we visit Talisker Distillery on this tour?

    In a word, no. We do not visit Talisker Distillery on any of our tours, as it often gets exceptionally busy there and, as such,…

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  9. What time does the tour start and finish?

    This tour departs at 7.45am. Please ensure that you are ready to board the bus at 7.35am (0735) as we will leave promptly at 7.45am…

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  10. Loch Ness, Cawdor Castle & Outlander Tour

    Fall in love with the place we call home on our award winning tour.